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Despite being something which affects approximately 50% of our population, menopausal health has been something which until recently was generally overlooked. 

The menopause affects how we look and feel and it is important to address this and have the appropriate treatment options available if you wish to use them.

Dr Emma can formulate a treatment plan to help you start feeling like YOU again. For more information please book in for a consultation using the booking link below. 

Unsure what products and skincare are best to use during the menopause? Take the stress and worry away by letting Dr Emma formulate a safe and effective skincare routine for you. 


During the menopause our collagen levels rapidly deplete, leaving our skin feeling less firm and plump. 

Hot flushes can result in redness and sensitivity of the skin, and changing hormonal levels can cause breakouts. 

Overall we can feel like we no longer look like ourselves which can be very upsetting. 

If you'd like to discuss any of these concerns and their possible treatment options please book in for a consultation with Dr Emma


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