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What is Masseter or Jaw Slimming Botox?

Masseter or Jaw Slimming Botox©, refers to the use of Botulinum toxin injections into the masseter muscle. This is one of the muscles responsible for chewing located at the angle of the jaw.

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This is primarily done for two reasons:


  1. Aesthetic Purposes

To create a slimmer appearance of the face.


Stronger masseter muscles create a square shaped or pronounced jawline. This can give a more masculine appearance which some may not prefer. Injecting Botox© into the masseter muscle can reduce its size over time, leading to a softer, more V-shaped jawline.


2. Therapeutic Purposes

To relieve symptoms of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. These conditions can lead to pain, headaches, and dental problems. By relaxing the masseter muscle, Botox© can reduce the muscle's force of contraction, easing discomfort and preventing further dental wear and tear.


What does the procedure involve?


The procedure involves 3-4 small injections directly into the masseter muscle. These injections are virtually painless. The toxin works by blocking nerve signals to the muscle, reducing its ability to contract forcefully. This leads to a decrease in muscle size and strength over time, which can have both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.


How long will results last?


The effects are temporary, typically lasting around 6 months, after which the procedure can be repeated to maintain results.

Are there any risks involved with the treatment?

As with any medical treatment there are always some risks involved. Therefore we would always advise a consultation prior to treatment to discuss these further.

If you'd like to book in for a consultation regarding botox treatments with Dr Emma in her clinic in Hale, Cheshire, please click the link below


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